For Parents of First-Year Students

Parent Portal

At Augustana, we understand the challenges parents may face as they help their first-year students navigate their courses, grades and expectations. Here on campus, we have the privilege of witnessing first-hand the joy of new friendships and experiences; the pride from overcoming hurdles; and the happiness of accomplishments, large and small.

There are some important dates and resources for parents of first-year students to be aware of:

  • Please remind your student to take advantage of the Augustana Writing Center, a premiere on-campus office staffed by nationally certified peer tutors/consultants. The Writing Center is free, is available to all Augustana students, and is open Sundays through Thursdays.
  • In addition, the University provides free tutoring, both group and individual, in a variety of subjects.
  • Augustana University SealIt's important to note that students who tend to excel the most in college are those who utilize all of the resources available to them. Tutoring is not only for students who are struggling, but for any student who would like additional support. At the close of Fall semester, there are sometimes students who have concerns about grades in relation to their academic scholarships. Please help us reassure your student that academic scholarships are renewed based on the academic year's GPA (not semester GPA). Please also assure them that this first semester will likely be the most challenging. Have a question for the Financial Aid Office? Contact a Financial Aid staff member.
  • Our faculty are dedicated to serving students. Encourage your student to meet with his or her advisor and/or other professors to discuss questions or concerns. Students are also invited to contact their admission counselor or any member of the admission staff; Joni Krueger, registrar; a CAP specialist in the Student Success Center, or a member of the Dean of Students staff if they are simply not sure who to contact or what to do.
  • Has your student expressed an interest in a change of major and/or a new advisor? The form to change a major/advisor is located on the Registrar's website. If your student knows who he or she wants as an advisor, your student should obtain that professor's signature before returning the form to the Registrar's Office. If your student doesn't have an advisor in mind, the Registrar staff will contact the department chair to select an advisor. Access the "Change of Major(s)/Academic Advisor" form.
  • Please encourage your student to take advantage of Augustana’s Health Services.
  • By late November, first-year students should have their schedule for the January term and spring semester. If your student indicates any questions or concerns regarding the schedule, please encourage him or her to communicate with his or her advisor or Joni Krueger, registrar.
  • Support and encourage your student ahead of finals with a “Finals Week Survival Kit,” a care package featuring goodies and snacks for students organized by Students for Exceptional Children (SCEC).
  • Interim begins on Monday, Jan. 6. Learn more about the Academic Calendar.
  • Have more questions or want to visit by phone? Contact Jeff Venekamp, Senior Associate Director of Campus Life, at 605.274.5215 or