Student Projects

Biology Department Summer Research Projects  2020

(Augustana students in bold)

A. CainT. Van Alstyne, J. Duffy-Matzner (mentor). "Chitosan, hyaluronic acid biopolymer (LbL) assemby on siloxy amino functionalized balafilcon A contact lenses." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
E. Holmes, J. Becker, L. Stacey, J. Gubbels, P. Egland (mentor). "Antimicrobial effects of placenta on Staphylococcus aureus biofilms." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
L. Stacey, J. Gubbels, P. Egland (mentor). "The characterization of phagocytosis stimulation and bacteriostatic activity by animal placenta." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
K. Vanden BergeJ. Summerdorf. B. Eichler (mentor). "Using quantum-dot aptamer bioconjugates for cancer detection." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
A. Lund, N. Pekas, C. Johnson-Edler (mentor). "Modification and characterization of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes using natural organic matter." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
J. CosgroveL. Kelly, E. Kiffmeyer, A. Kloth (mentor). "Sex-dependent impacts of environmental enrichment on Angelman Syndrome mice." (Augustana University, SD BRIN/Faculty Fellowship Program & NSF SPUR)
L. OstlieP. BakerB. Williquett, C. Olson-Manning, M. Larson (mentor). "Genotypic and Phenotypic Variations in Native American Platelet Receptors." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
W. Voelker, E. Pompa, A. Schupner, E. Konz, S. Marts, A. Johansen-Sallee, S. Matzner, C. Olson-Manning (mentor). "Hybridization of two native milkweed species (Asclepias) in their natural hybrid zone." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
T. HayesA. Hoefakker, C. Miles (mentor). "SNPs associated with increased egg size in cold-adapted Drosophila melanogaster." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
E. PompaA. Schupner, S. Kreutzmann, C. Olson-Manning (mentor). "Determination of allosteric regulation in steroid hormone biosynthesis." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
A. AlluriK. Birhane, C. Olson-Manning (mentor). "Identification of the rate limiting step in an Arabidopsis thaliana chemical defense pathway." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
A. Johansen-Sallee, L. Tilahun, C. Fenster, C. Olson-Manning (mentor). "The metabolic connection between mutations and fitness in mutation accumulation lines of Arabidopsis thaliana." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
E. KonzS. MartsH. Eversman, K. Kasuske, C. Olson-Manning, S. Matzner (mentor). "Comparison of water-related traits between Asclepias speciosa and Asclepias syriaca." (Augustana University, SD BRIN)
M. Benson, P. Ronan (mentor). "The role of brain calcineurin and neuroinflammation in excessive drinking." (Sioux Falls Veterans Affairs Health Care System/University of South Dakota, SD BRIN)
K. Mulder, G. Mwangi. "A Review of Current Trends in Polymer-Based Molecular Imprinting of Biological Molecules." (University of Sioux Falls, SD BRIN)
H. Kuhn, A. Sturlaugson. "Identifying Structure-Property Relationships of Ionic Liquids using Molecular Dynamics Simulations." (University of Sioux Falls, SD BRIN)

Biology Department  Summer Internships  2020

Henry Klitzke, OmegaQuant
Tanner Kippes, Innanovate
Connor McSherry, SAB