Experiences With Sociology

Dr. Schrader and Haley McCarron at the Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium

Dr. Schrader and Haley McCarron at the Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium

“While studying Sociology at Augustana, I realized that I feel called to work with people who are chronically underserved and who experience social injustices daily. Working at a day center for people experiencing poverty, homelessness, and trauma allows me to put my studies of Sociology into practice. Sociology has given me a much better understanding of the nuances of social inequality, family systems, racial and gender identity, communities, and so much more. I use what I have learned in my many sociology courses to better serve the folks that I work with and encounter every day.”

- Cortney Mabry ’17 (Sociology & Spanish), Covenant Awardee (2017 for Liberal Arts)Volunteer Program Coordinator, The Gathering Place, a day shelter for women, children, and transgender individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness in Denver, CO. 


“Studying sociology has fostered an awareness of self, others and the society at large which has proven beneficial to my academic and professional relationships. It has also provided the language to study, describe and engage in discussions about social issues that come up almost daily in my studies.”

- Tracy Lindsay ’16 (Sociology)

Law Student, Georgetown University

SME Finance Forum Intern at International Finance Cooperation, SME Finance Forum works to expand access to finance for small and medium businesses. 


“Sociology as we know it is an integral part of learning how we navigate the world around us. Studying it has prepared me in understanding the diverse set of people I get to work with each day. If you take time to understand the complexities, structure, and development of our social world then you are one step ahead. This will help you in whichever avenue you take your professional career. Everyone should aspire to learn sociology.”

Mallory Frantsen ’16 (Sociology & Psychology)

Behavioral Health Patient and Family Navigator, Avera Behavioral Health Center and Graduate Student, Master’s of Social Work, University of South Dakota


“I believe my sociology background has prepared me to be a mindful and critically aware medical student. My research project at Augustana on the formation of the South Dakota State Medical Association contributed to an understanding of the impact of policy decisions and how health disparities arise. Further, I feel comfortable recognizing how social determinants can effect patient health outcomes and the importance of taking a holistic approach to treating patients.” 

-Reed Ritterbusch ’18 (Sociology (Honors), Emphasis Medicine and Health, & Biochemistry), Medical Student, University of Washington School of Medicine




Health care practitioners: Nurses; Physicians; Surgical Techs; Health Practicioners

Public Health: Administrators; Management; Lobbyists; Policy Researchers or Advocates

Healthcare organizations: Careers in various Nonprofit Health Organizations; Research Centers; Government Agencies; Healthcare and Insurance Administration careers


Judicial Sector: Attorneys; Judges; Clerks

Law Enforcement Sector: Police Officers; FBI Agents; Special Units; Juvenile

Delinquency Officers

Municipal Management: Government Management Local, State, National levels in various areas


Educators: Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Trainers 

Education policy: Lobbyists; Policy Researchers or Advocates 

Careers in profit/nonprofit education organizations: Educational Policy, School and Program Assessment, Magnet and Charter School Assistance and Management


International Relations: Diplomatic careers; Global Finance and Trade; careers with Multi-National Corporations in various sectors

Business Careers: Management; Administration; Market Researchers and Communication; Advertising 


Community and Family Outreach Specialists: Housing Access Coordinators; Public Health Programs; Family and Community Services

Urban Planning and Development

Social Welfare Services: Social Workers; 
Administration Counselors

Nonprofit organizations: Management; Administration; Careers in various fields served by nonprofit organizations

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