Studying Off Campus

Government and International Affairs students are encouraged to explore Augustana’s study abroad opportunities and other off-campus study programs, such as the Washington Semester Program in the nation’s capital.

Credit earned in an approved off-campus program is accepted just like credit earned on campus. The length of a study abroad experience or other off-campus study can range from a month to a semester to an academic year.

International experiences include:

  • Peace Prize Forum Scholars summer travel seminar. Each year, two students from each of the United States’ five Norwegian Lutheran colleges are selected as Peace Prize Forum Scholars to take part in a summer travel seminar, which allows them to analyze how forging democracy, developing economic and trade practices in the global economy, and environmental issues are all intertwined. The seminar is designed to deepen understanding of issues related to peace, justice, democracy and human rights.
  • Augustana offers an educational program that is both international and intercultural in scope. We believe that interpersonal, intercultural, and international relations are a vital aspect of a student's education. 

A majority of government and international affairs students study abroad and come back enriched by their experiences. These experiences can be used to inform classroom discussions and stand out on resumes.

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