Studying Off Campus

Augustana's PRSSA group visits a public relations agency during their annual trip to Minneapolis that includes a tour of the Twin's stadium.

The communication studies department enjoys an excellent relationship with area businesses and corporations, from marketing, advertising and public relations agencies and radio stations to social service and nonprofit organizations. Sioux Falls has several network television stations and 15 commercial radio stations, including two stations housed on campus.

All majors are encouraged to complete at least one internship and many do more than one. Often these internships lead to professional opportunities after graduation.

Our department is committed to helping students expand their horizons and develop a greater perspective on the world. So we encourage students to take advantage of Augustana’s study abroad opportunities. We have several additional opportunities for students to study beyond Augustana. Within the department, we offer two international experiences for our students at this time. First, there is an opportunity for a short spring break trip to Norway and/or Germany to study international public relations. There is also (every three years) an Interim course that takes students abroad to study international public relations.

Further, the University is part of a consortium that offers The Washington Semester, a one semester residential experience in Washington, D.C. The University owns a condominium for students enrolled in the semester. The experience features coursework, service learning and a guaranteed internship with a prestigious organization.

What can you do with a communication studies major when you graduate?