Teach Physics!

High school teachers with strong physics backgrounds are in incredibly short supply. A recent high level study found that "except for a handful of isolated pockets of excellence, the national system of preparing physics teachers is largely inefficient, mostly incoherent, and massively unprepared to deal with the current and future needs of the nation's students."

At Augustana, we hope to be part of the solution to this problem.  Our faculty work here, in part, because they like teaching, and we are eager to share our skills with future teachers. Teaching is a fun, rewarding career at all levels.  

Augustana University offers excellent preparation for teaching physics in these settings. Our instruction uses some of the latest research in physics education, and through our Education Department we have excellent resources in the community to make sure that you are prepared to make a difference from your first day leading a class. If you want to be a physics teacher, we urge you to contact us.