Use of Office Phones

Phone Basics  - Use of Office Phones

8 is the NEW 9!!

All off-campus calls must now begin with 8 instead of using 9 with the previous phone system.


911 is simply 911, you no longer need to dial a prefix to get the 911 operator.

Phone Activation

If your phone is not yet active, you can activate it with your number by typing **123####, where #### is your phone extension. If this does not activate the phone, please call the Helpdesk (x5331).

Voicemail Access

Your default voicemail login is the same as your Augustana username (e.g., jsmithee). Your initial voicemail password is: 1111. There is additional information available on use of voicemail.

Quick Reference Guides

Following is a list of Quick Reference Guides for the common phone models installed. View the model # of your phone at the top of the unit.

Phone-Computer Sharing of the Power Over Ethernet (POE) Line:

  • Each Phone requires a dedicated POE Ethernet line. If there is not an available Ethernet (today, it's likely going to your computer) available, ITS will have to run a NEW line.
  • The computers then can be patched into the phones — so we don't have to run additional Ethernet lines. 
  • The computers and phones have nothing to do with one another — it's the Ethernet line we are sharing.
  • The cost of running additional Ethernet lines versus sharing existing lines would have exceeded $250,000 and required significant disruption of offices to accomplish. Sharing the existing line is the right thing to do.
Caller ID

Caller ID information for calls on and off campus will display on the top of your Mitel phone display. Notes on Caller ID:

  • If an off campus caller is using "caller ID blocking", you will see "T1030 Calling" (where 030 will vary).
  • Transfers from on campus phones will display the local number doing the transfer until they release the call, then you will see the outside caller ID information.
  • Calls to off campus land lines generally display your number and "Augustana Univ".
  • Calls to cell phones generally display just your number (the name and pictures seen on cell phones are from your cell's phone book, not the phone system.
Analog Line — Continued Use for Devices

FAX and Credit Card machines are staying on their traditional analog lines.

Call Transfer

1. Place the call on hold by pressing the transfer/conference button.
2. Dial the number to transfer to.
3. Either wait for the party to answer and hang up or hang up immediately.

Call Forward

1. Press the blue menu button
2. Press the button adjacent to Call Forwarding
3. Enter the number you wish to which you want to forward calls; this can be an off campus number (include the 8)

Your phone should return to your main home screen and your line lights should show green.

To turn off call forwarding:

  1. Press the blue menu button
  2. Press the button adjacent to Call Forwarding
  3. Press the button adjacent to Deactivate

Your phone should return you to your main home screen and your line lights should no longer show green.

Do Not Disturb/Call Forward to campus voice mail:

Press the button adjacent to DND (Do Not Disturb) on your main home screen. That button should then show orange.

Press it again to remove direct to voice mail (button should no longer show orange).

Call Pickup (to answer others phones in your hunt group)

If you are in a pickup group and another phone is ringing pick up your own receiver and hit the button on your screen adjacent to Pickup.

3-6 Way Calling
  1. With the first caller on the line press the Transfer/Conference button and dial the second person's number
  2. When the second person answers, press the Transfer/Conference button to join all lines into the call
  3. To add a 4th caller repeat the process
  4. You can have up to 6 people (including yourself) on a single call using this method
Change Ring Tone/Pitch

To adjust the “Ringer Pitch” on your phone, you first need to program a “Superkey”

On the phone:

  1. Push the blue Menu button
  2. Push Settings
  3. Push Programmable Keys
  4. Choose a blank key to program
  5. Scroll through the list until you see Superkey - push that button
  6. Push Save

Now you can program the ring on the phone

  1. Make sure you are in the default screen.  You may need to close or exit to get there
  2. Push the Superkey button you just programmed
  3. At the top of the screen you will see a function.  Like Phonebook or Call Forwarding.  Push the No button until you see Ringer Adjust
  4. Press the Ring Adjust button
  5. Push the Ringer Pitch button
  6. Now use the up and down buttons on the phone to move through the ring options.  The phone will play the options as you do this.
  7. When you get to the one you want – push the Superkey button again.
  8. If the Superkey is taking up space you would like to use for other functions, you can delete it

To delete the Super key

  1. Make sure you are at the main phone screen –press close or exit until you are there.
  2. Press the blue Menu key
  3. Press Settings
  4. Press Programmable Keys
  5. Press the key you want to delete – clear
  6. Press the Clear key
  7. Press Close.  You may need to press close several times to get back to the default phone screen.

How to Direct Transfer a call to another users (or your own) VM:

  • press the transfer button, then
  • press the envelope key, then
  • dial the mailbox you want the caller to go to and hang up.
  • The line you’re transferring too will NOT ring, and the caller will immediately hear the users greeting and can leave a voice message.

If this doesn't work, try going to settings (blue key), look for Message Key Config, Uncheck the Open Voicemal App. It should now work on all transfers using the envelope key.